• Our portfolio includes authoring services for your physical media, including input monitoring, concept, design, encoding, programming, quality check and delivery of your master data for duplication. We generate multimedia applications based on your content and link menu-driven video data media as well as computer data and internet content to achieve a perfectly tailored product.

    CD-, DVD-, BD- ROM   Multimedia content, applications, web links and major data volumes for offline use
    DVD-Video   Menu-driven video data media in PAL or NTSC featuring stereo, multi-channel audio and subtitle tracks incl. copy protection applications
    Enhanced-DVD and -BD (Video & ROM)   For the combination and interaction of offline media, computer data, online media
    Blu-ray Disc, BD-J oder HDMV   High-definition video data media incl. pop-up menu structure, full HD H.264 in up to 1080p and different frame rates, lossless DTS-HD master audio
    3D MVC Blu-ray Disc   3D Multiview Codec – high definition video data media incl. pop-up menu structure, full HD H.264 MVC in up to 1080p and a variety of frame rates, lossless DTS-HD master audio

    In collaboration with Optimal Media, we support your products from the duplication of data carriers through printing process and packaging production and will also take care of the storage and distribution of your products.

  • Entrust your content to an iTunes Movie & netflix - certified partner! At Press9, we apply top standards and first-rate professionalism in processing your movie and video projects in 2D and 3D for Video on Demand and electronic sell-through packages, including shop delivery.

    An excerpt from our services portfolio:

    • Forced narrative and subtitle incorporation
    • Audio frame rate adaptation
    • Chaptering & chapter wording
    • Subtitle integration
    • Subtitling
    • Cleaning edit for issues
    • Cleaning post / compositing for issues
    • Trailer generation & trailer editing
    • Metadata generation and poster processing

    Customised data processing for:

    iTunes | netflix | Amazon | Google | maxdome | Mediamarkt | videoload | Watchever | OnDemandGroup | vodafone | Sony |

    Microsoft | Teleclub | videociety | wuaki | flimmit | Lace | sky | Tele5 | Chellomedia | Kabel Deutschland | Realeyz | Vimeo | 

    Youtube | ORF | Sport 1 ...

  • Press9 will translate your ideas into reality with creative solutions which we also apply to the most demanding technical challenges. Our comprehensive professional services allow you to opt for individual components or go for requirements-based complete productions.


    • Concept development
    • Wording
    • Classic menu design (for DVD video incl. TV orientation, static and animated)
    • Pop-up menu design (for Blu-ray incl. HD-TV orientation, static and animated)
    • Screen design (e.g. for computer applications)
    • Trailer or EPK production
    • Product shot design & product shot animation
    • Computer animation in 2D and 3D
    • Video editing
    • Video effects
    • More services on request


    • Programming / authoring
    • Digitalisation / encoding
    • Image processing, retouching and cleaning
    • Restoration of images and sound
    • Colour grading, frame rate conversion
    • Standards conversion
    • Scanning
    • Sound processing, mix and mastering (in stereo and multi-channel sound)
    • Synchronisation and Voice-overs
    • Subtitling incl. editing and translation
    • Archiving
    • Visual inspection / audio samples
    • Navigation and Specification tests
    • More services on request

    Your products will be manufactured with great creativity and technical expertise at Optimal Media. We offer inspired packaging concepts, duplication and printing which live up to the most demanding technical standards with efficient storage facilities at our state-of-the-art premises at the Müritz lake.

  • press9 receives „iTunes Extras“' certification


    press9 media solutions berlin, a brand of optimal media GmbH is one of the leading Authoring- and Encoding houses in Europe.
    press9 has now received Apple's coveted iTunes Extras certification. iTunes Extras allows to add Bonus material to enhance Content, comparable to DVD, Blu-ray or UHD-BD, which are also created and replicated in-house.

    Press9 accredited as “iTunes Preferred Encoding House” by Apple


    As a certified authoring studio and encoding house, the Optimal Media brand Press9 Media Solutions Berlin has been successfully processing content for iTunes and many other platforms for more than ten years.
    Based on our consistent top-quality performance, Press9 has now been accredited as “Apple-preferred”. The iTunes-Extras certification is also under way at Press9, which will allow customers to use the full iTunes product range in future.

    Press9 Media Solutions Berlin authoring studio and encoding house offers the full range of exploitation options for digital as well as physical distribution worldwide. This includes, along with all renowned digital stores, physical data media such as DVD, BD and UHD-BD. Press9 is among the leading German studios in Europe and is located in Straße der Pariser Kommune 38, 10243 Berlin.

    optimal media customer service and press9 invited to the Berlin house:warming


    v.l. Steffen Kachel (Leitung press9), Marion Nielsen, Neila Kemmer, Kai Heitmann (alle Eden Books), Jörg Hahn (Geschäftsführer optimal), Svenja Mohnert und Nina Schumacher (Eden Books)

     v.l. Steffen Kachel (Leitung press9), Marion Nielsen, Neila Kemmer, Kai Heitmann (alle Eden Books), Jörg Hahn (Geschäftsführer optimal), Svenja Mohnert und Nina Schumacher (Eden Books)


    On March 3rd optimal media customer service and press9 invited to the Berlin house:warming in the new office depandance. There were guest conversations with curry sausage and beer, as it should be for the German capital. Reference. Products were examined and ideas for new projects discussed.

    We thank all our guests for visiting and also continue to hold the office door open for you! Meet us in a relaxed atmosphere – right in the heart of Berlin. You know where you find us now:

    Strasse der Pariser Kommune 38, 10243 Berlin, Friedrichshain.

    For more pictures click here:


    More certifications for Press9


    We have continuously expanded our capacity in recent months. As one of the few German studios with iTunes movie certification, we supply almost all digital movie portals with 2D and 3D content.
    Following successful audits, we have recently also integrated the Watchever, Microsoft and Sony shops and are currently in negotiation with other suppliers.

    Certifications and new website for Press9



  • <<Press9 is one of Europe’s leading studios. Our portfolio includes authoring, the production of masters for CD, DVD, BD as well as the processing of content for Video on Demand and electronic sell-through in 2D and 3D. Being one of the few iTunes movie & netflix - certified German studios, we supply to almost all digital movie portals.

    1999 saw Press9 start out as a classic authoring studio under the auspices of Optimal Media. As part of the market development, we became an independent service provider at the heart of Berlin and excel in providing efficient solutions. Working in requirements-oriented project teams guarantees a flexible, swift and effective production process.

    Benefit from our technical expertise, our high creative output and strong network of partners. Working closely with Optimal Media allows us to support a range of exceptional options: from the analysis and processing of your materials to the production and distribution of your finished products – we supply the services you need as a complete package from a single source.

  • Steffen Kachel Management fon +49 30 2888 379 30
    Management / Sales
    Sven Roßner Authoring fon +49 30 2888 379 35
    Frank Dittmann Authoring fon +49 30 2888 379 35
    Martin Scheer Creative fon +49 30 2888 379 31
    Leoni Hastedt Digital fon +49 30 2888 379 33
    Planning fon +49 30 2888 379 0
    Rufus Kalex Head of international Sales fon +49 40 2981205 23

    Jobs at Press9

    Join our creative and dynamic Team downtown Berlin!

    Send in your application. Either unsolicited or directly in reply to one of our job offers. We will look forward to receive your application by info@press9.de or post.


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